One to look out for...

Portuguese-born Recording Producer and Artist based in Peterborough, abundant with talent and charisma
Starting a career in music at the young age of 14, Elson has mastered his craft and is now recognised for his distinctive style, sharp flows and of course, packed with great energy!

His Debut EP 'Never Been Basic' sees Elson Barbosa demonstrate his song writing ability with life touching subjects, catchy melodic lines and impeccable flows guaranteed to get your head knocking.
'Switch It Up' was the first release from 'Never Been Basic' and immediately hit thousands of YouTube hits and downloads

Elson Barbosa offers more than just a skillful delivery, he also has producing high on his impressive repertoire of talents. Elson found his passion for music at a young age, following his aunt Bevs career as a singer, he soon became recognised by his peers as being musically gifted, which he coupled with hard work.

Focusing solely on his ambitions, Elson made it his priority to gain some notoriety locally and amassed a small following of loyal fans

Elson Barbosa has made various radio appearances on stations such as Peterborough FM & Future FM to name a few. Elson has performed in stages all across the UK, including Glasgow and Belfast at various events such as Belvedere Unfiltered Launch Party, alongside some of the UK's most notable artists such as K Koke and Tempa T

Having worked with EPIC TV in 2013, Elson Barbosa featured in their online hit series “Raw Session” which had his name spread over a wider audience, which brought him to the attention of various independent labels.

This year Elson Barbosa and his team are set to push his career to new heights. Elson has recently secured a lead role in a full length feature film 'Zombies In Tha Hood' a new field in his career which he's set to conquer

The music industry is changing fast and Elson is taking an innovative approach to his productions, as well as growing as an artist. Elson will continue to break new grounds as he continues to create new music. Music that is fresh and unique